This project came about by the clients want and need for more space. They had decided against extending their home and cleverly opted for a state-of-the-art Pod which came fully furnished instead.

As this was always going to be the centre piece, the garden was designed around this. A raised walkway which illuminates at night was built for level access from the house to the Pod. One step down off this is a large patio and compact lawn, perfect for all types of gatherings and parties making it a multifunctional space.

Considering the gardens shady location and almost forest like surroundings strong, durable materials were selected so the space would look its best all year round and reduce general maintenance. Exterior Porcelain paving was used as its non-porous and incredibly easy to clean. A premium artificial lawn was also selected removing the need for mowing and other lawn maintenance tasks.

Finally, woodland style planting was added to breathe some life into a hard space. The big tree fern is stunning against the white backdrop of the Pod and a mixture of white and pink anemones will add a splash of colour in mid/late summer.

Work In Progress

Completed Work