The clients were exasperated by their existing driveway due to its lack of space and functionality. They required something which could accommodate all family vehicles.

To eradicate this, we opened up the driveway extensively making the opening almost double the size of the original. This also allowed for three cars to fit comfortably. Two new pillars were built either side of the new entrance to tie in with existing brickwork from the house.

Granite cobbles were run around the boundary wall to keep new planting contained and act as a backdrop and barrier to the main gravel area. A matching granite step was also built at the entrance to the house making it much safer to enter and exit the property.

Finally, after the stone base was compacted and levelled, core stabiliser sheets were added to strengthen the sub-base and allow cars to manoeuvre freely and prevent sinkage. These sheets were then infilled with Ballylusk pebble for decoration. The combination of the golden pebble and the red/orange granite is lovely and works very well in a driveway setting.

Work In Progress

Completed Work