Our brief was to take a 1960’s driveway and bring it into the 21st century making it both functional and aesthetic. The entrance was too narrow, existing concrete was all cracked, drainage near the porch was causing issues and it just wasn’t big enough to park the growing number of family cars.

To begin with, the entrance was widened and everything was excavated to improve drainage. Oatmeal granite was then used to create a border the whole way around and also a long path leading to a landing area at the entrance to the house.

Granite is an excellent choice of material for a driveway as it is extremely durable and weathers well in our unpredictable climate. On the inside of the paving, core stabiliser sheets were placed on top of a hardcore base and these sheets were then infilled with Ballylusk pebble. These sheets add real strength to the surface and ensure no sinkage occurs when manoeuvring in and out of the driveway.

Finally, to hide the bins a bespoke bin-store was erected close to the path to ensure they were out of site and neatly tucked away.

Work In Progress

Completed Work