A stunning contemporary new build in Dalkey. The client wanted an ultra-low maintenance garden and surrounding spaces. The outdoor areas were divided into three sections the front (driveway), rear (back garden) and the sides.

In the driveway, slightly raised granite cobble flower beds can be found hugging the entire boundary and front of the house. As the front of the property contained a lot of hard materials it was very important to bring in some much-needed colour and foliage. A large curved sleeper bed was also created to cleverly disguise various services feeding into the house. Steps were box clad in Oatmeal Granite in keeping with what is traditionally found in Dalkey. As storage was an issue, a combined bespoke shed and bin store was erected on a level concrete pad as the driveway was on a very steep slope.

To lead guests from the front to the rear of the property, large raised sleeper steps were created. Also tied in with each step are raised sleeper planters which house a cherry laurel hedge. This hedge adds some much-needed privacy to the roadside property and is a welcome break from all the masonry.

To the rear a large granite patio hugs the back of the house and partially wraps around the side also. It is an ideal space to rest, entertain guests and take in the striking sea views.

Finally, on the opposite side of the property, a very private and secluded area was created.  Artificial grass was installed as the client had two dogs and also wanted an area where they could lie out and soak up some sun.

Work In Progress

Completed Work