Completing this large suburban garden was a joy from start to finish. Previously landscaped almost fifteen years ago it was in serious need of some modern design and finishes. Our brief was to completely transform the space into something both beautiful and contemporary, while also being multifunctional to accommodate the client’s children.

Due to the floor height inside the house, a small raised area was built to minimize this drop in level and provide a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. This space, while acting as a landing area, also doubles up as an outdoor dining area on warm summer days due to its proximity to the kitchen. Two recessed box ball beds either side help to break up the paving lines and soften the space.

Two steps down off this is a large patio area perfect for entertaining both family and friends. Beyond this, a raised block planter runs the whole way around the boundary walls, the highlight of which is the gorgeous jasmine running along stainless-steel rope wire creating a beautiful green backdrop.

Planting is a mixture of topiary and herbaceous plants providing interest and colour all year round. To hide the old wall, bespoke 3×1 timber lathe fencing was fabricated on site and painted in a stunning anthracite colour to create an eye-catching contrast with the white walls.

Between the raised beds and paving areas is a large rectangular artificial lawn area perfect for lying out on those warm summer days.

Nearing the side entrance, to combat that familiar problem of where to put the bins, a large bin store was constructed out of masonry. It blends in wonderfully with its woodland surroundings.

Finally, to make the space useful both day and night extensive lighting was installed. Spotlights are found on the fencing the whole way around the garden and ground lights light up the walls around the perimeter of the artificial lawn giving wonderful results at night.

Work In Progress

Completed Work