This garden was all about entertaining! A new build house, the garden was essentially a blank canvas. The client wanted a very contemporary looking garden which would primarily be used for relaxing and entertaining.

So, in keeping with this a large patio was installed stretching from the back door to the centre of the garden. A low wall running along the boundary was built to act as a masonry shelf to house glasses, dishes etc.

Raised flower beds constructed out of concrete blocks and rendered in sand and cement were built almost entirely around the boundary. On the back-wall steps were incorporated into the wall to act as seats, house candles and lanterns and provide a break in height.

Inside these beds formal planting provides a beautiful green backdrop to the entire garden. Box hedging provides a lovely low hedge and the standard Olive trees and bay leaf underplanted with Hydrangeas provide plenty colour. Lighting was also added to the beds so the garden could also be used at night.

In the centre new roll-out lawn was installed and provides a place to lie out and soak up the summer sun.

Finally, on the righthand side stepping stones surrounded by ballylusk gravel provides a solid walkway to the shed and adds another texture to the space.

Work In Progress

Completed Work