Our brief here was to design and build a year-round useable space for both life and work purposes. Our clients were installing a home office and wanted a seamless integration between this structure and the surrounding space. They also had young children and wanted an area where they could relax and entertain guests.

So, we proposed splitting the garden into three areas that would all interlink. To the left a large artificial lawn area which could be used all year round was installed. To tie in with the main patio and walkway to the outdoor office, a Travertine border tile was used to frame the lawn. Inside these ground lights were placed illuminating the boundary wall at night.

In the back right corner an area was excavated and levelled with hardcore to provide a free draining base on which the outdoor office could be constructed on.

Lastly a level patio area was constructed. To make it feel more enclosed and intimate, raised flower beds constructed out of concrete blocks and rendered in a sand and cement finish were built. These beds help define the space and provide a clear separation between work and leisure! Inside these beds, spike lights and formal planting were used to provide a sharp looking backdrop.

Work In Progress

Completed Work